Hope Float

The Hope Floats  Fundraiser: 1000 handblown glass floats made by local glass artists to help other local artists who can’t pay their rent or meet basic financial needs because of the coronavirus crisis.

As the saying goes, “Just give hope a chance to float up. And it will.” Through optimism and positive action, creating a sense of hope and supporting each other as we all feel the many impacts of the coronavirus pandemic is an essential call to action.

Many of those in our local Seattle community are feeling the additional stress of financial uncertainty with sudden layoffs, furloughs and the immediate concern of being able to pay for basic living expenses such as monthly rent and utilities.

Glass Eye Studio, a Ballard-based glass studio that has employed glass artists since its inception in Pike Place Market in 1978, is launching an online fundraiser to support local artists in need, with 100% of proceeds raised supporting Artist Trust’s new emergency grant program.

The Glass Eye team, led by Chris Steffens, Marina Marioni, Chuck Lopez and Creative Director Piper O'Neill and other notable local glass artists including Dehanna Jones and Ryan Blythe, donated their time and resources to create a limited edition beautiful handblown glass float featuring a navigational star on the bottom foot.

The Hope Float is emblematic of Seattle’s sense of community and our collective determination to get through the pandemic together.

“Social distancing has not erased our sense of community—we need to help one another, now more than ever. Our Hope Float is one small way of helping those in financial distress and the intent is that other local business owners and local consumers will use their resources and ingenuity to keep hope and optimism afloat as we go through these unsettling times” says Glass Eye Studio owner, Billy O’Neill.

With a goal of helping those in immediate financial crisis, this limited edition of 1000 is available online for $100 per float. All proceeds will be managed and dispersed by Artist Trust, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping Washington State artists thrive. Artist Trust is raising funds to create an emergency response fund for artists in financial need due to the COVID-19 crisis. To donate directly visit www.artisttrust.org.

**Please note that this piece is not a memorial and does not include ashes. 

Approximately 4" diameter 

Once you have made your custom selection, a discreet package will be sent to you. It will contain detailed instructions, an order form, a collection vessel and a return envelope* to be used to mail your order back to our studio. You will receive an email confirmation from us the moment your package has arrived at our facility. 

Once we have received your collection vessel and order form, your order will be scheduled for creation. You can expect your memorial order to be completed within two to four weeks, and we will send you a tracking number when your order ships. Rest assured our memorial-making process is tightly controlled every step of the way and each order is treated with the utmost care and respect. Our artisan team recognizes the significant responsibility entrusted to us and has been honored to create over 14,000 memorials without error.

If you need assistance or have questions about any aspect of the order process, please do not hesitate to contact us! We understand this can be an emotional undertaking and have made every effort to make the order process as simple as possible. Our absolute highest priority is to create a positive experience for our customers.

* Please note the Priority Express Mail envelope included in your package must be used to return the collection vessel, per USPS regulations. This is the only legal method for shipping cremated remains, and the $26.20 cost includes tracking and insurance.

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