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Finding a beautiful memorial for someone dear or a beloved pet is easier with our premium selection of glass memorial products. We are honored to be trusted by our customers craft truly unique ash-infused glass art pieces for them and their families.

Feedback is important to us as a small business and we have been blessed to receive very kind words from our customers. If you have purchased products from Celebration Ashes we would greatly appreciate your review.

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These little frames are perfect for the Touchstones. They look like they are floating. I got these so that we could display them on a shelf or wherever if we did not want to carry them with us.

Beautiful Memorial

I just love these! I got them to give out on the 5th Anniversary of my daughter's passing (Dec. 28th). I, of course am keeping one and the others will go to my husband, son, grandson & granddaughter. I am planning a day for all of us to go to breakfast and then to my daughter's memorial bench on the Tahoe East Shore Trail, it is a beautiful location looking across Lake Tahoe and to the left is her favorite beach, Sand Harbor Beach. I plan on giving them to them at her bench...if I can wait that long! I am keeping them at my office so I am not tempted to give them to them. Also, I received them way quicker than expected. Thank you so much for the beautiful Touchstones!

Treasured art pieces

My family is grateful for the attention put into these pieces. Unfortunatly both my parents have passed on but these beautiful art pieces will keep their memory alive forever. Thank you so much for such a great job.

Love these pieces

Second time purchasing items from celebration ashes and always a pleasure when i receive my memorials. They are a treasure as is celebration ashes and their artists.

Gorgeous Gift

I purchased a set of the touchstone ash keepsakes in memory of our family pet of 15 years. The stones are absolutely beautiful and such a wonderful keepsake of our girl. Thank you so much.

Preserving my bro’s memory

After my best friend of over 30yrs passed suddenly. I wanted to keep his memory close, and honor him as a true friend. You were able to make that happen. Thank you

So Beautiful

Ornament is gorgeous. Perfect for a memorial for our beloved Titan. Beautiful on our mantle.

Stunning item

I can’t be happier with the beautiful glass piece that you made using my moms ashes. It has brought me such joy and peace knowing I have a wonderful memorial to a truly amazing mom. Thank You!

Hi Andrea-thank you so much for this lovely review. We are so pleased to hear that you love your very special piece created in memory of your wonderful mom. Knowing that it helps to bring you some joy and peace is exactly why we do what we do. If there is anything else we can help you with, please do let us know. Thank you for choosing to work with us!

Two perfect ornaments

I ordered two different ornaments, and each one is just perfect. I hang them in the windows, and love the sunlight through them. Thank you for helping me think of my husband every day, in a cheerful way.

Thank you so much, Marlene, for this thoughtful review. We are so happy to hear that you love the ornaments and that you display them all year round. What a beautiful idea to place them in the window and see the sunlight shine through them. We are so glad these beautiful pieces are a constant reminder of your beloved husband. Thank you again for choosing to work with us!

It is beautiful!

Thank you so much Victoria. We are so pleased to hear you love the ornament! Thank you for choosing to work with us!

Loved the votive holder.

Thank you, Victoria! We are so glad that you love the Votive as well! May they always bring you comfort and peace. Thank you again for choosing to work us.

Beautiful tribute

It's hard to lose a loved one and it's especially hard to lose a pet. How do you honor their legacy and what they meant to you and your family. I had a hand-blown glass globe made for our first dog, Harry, who will always be remembered as the "best dog ever!" In his honor, we adopt senior dogs and give them the best of their remaining golden years. Often, these are the dogs that get passed over at the shelters because they have a lot of "issues" and "needs" that require a lot of monetary resources. However, these are the dogs that can change you forever because you have to give them the best life and you don't have a lot of time. Our first rescue, Mr. Rogers, was such a dog and we had a globe made in his honor as well. Lastly, we had touchstones made for Mr. Rogers so that each of his two foster families could also have a permanent part of him with them too.

These are amazing works of art and beautiful to look at. I love the fact that each one is unique, just like each of our dogs. Everyone that has had an opportunity to see them raves about what a "cool" way to memorialize each of our loved ones.

Thank you so much, Gregg, for this very thoughtful review. We are so happy that all the pieces you ordered bring you comfort. Losing our beloved pets is truly heartbreaking, we know this pain all too well. We agree that these beautiful pieces are a beautiful way to honor and remember them and keep them with us. We are so glad to hear that everyone you got pieces for loves them. Sounds like you have been blessed by some truly wonderful pets-and we are honored to have been able to help you memorialize them. Thank you for choosing to work us!

Pure art

This is the most beautiful way to remember my cat. The ornament is flawless. I made a shadow box that has her picture and special things in it that normally hangs on the wall in my office. This ornament will reside within it until the holidays when it will adorn our Christmas tree. She loved sleeping under the tree, and this memorial will allow her to still be there with us. The work you do is exceptional. Thank you.

Hi Druidgirl, thank you so much for this sweet review. We love to hear how our customers display their meaningful pieces. The shadow box is a lovely idea for the ornament until the Christmas tree arrives! We are so glad that you love the piece and that you admire the craftsmanship. Our artists work hard to make each piece unique and special. May your ornament always remind you of your beloved cat and bring you some peace and comfort. We greatly appreciate you choosing to work with us!

Beautiful piece

This piece is absolutely gorgeous! The quality is amazing, the detail is spectacular. It shipped a lot sooner than I expected too!

Hi Hannah,
Thank you so much for this great review. We are so pleased to hear that you love the beautiful urn. Our artists work so hard to ensure the quality is excellent so we are very grateful to hear how much you appreciate it. We are so glad that you found the process smooth. Thank you so much for choosing to work with us.

Margot Elizabeth Blake

I can't thank you enough, what your artisan have done to make my memorial of my granddaughter is beyond measure. It is a very very beautiful and I will with my family treasure it forever. Love is what makes it so breath taking. Love Bill

Thank you so much Bill, for this thoughtful review. We are so pleased to know that you and your family take comfort in the beautiful memorial created in honor of your granddaughter. We hope that it will continue to bring comfort and joy to all who loved her. What a beautiful way to express why it is so breathtaking...because it is emblematic of an everlasting love. Thank you so much for choosing to work with us.

Amazing art

My dog Annie turned into a beautiful glass memorial art to stay with us from now. I really appreciate your beautiful art work.

Hi Kuniyo, thank you so much for sending us this lovely review and the beautiful photo of precious Annie. We are so glad that you love the beautiful glass memorial created in her memory and we hope that it will always bring you comfort and remind you of wonderful memories shared together. Thank you for choosing to work with us!

You all do a fantastic job! Fourth item I have given as a gift, and everyone is overwhelmed with joy. Thanks!

Hi Craig,
Thank you so much for this great review-we are so happy to hear that you have continued to order more pieces and that everyone who has received them has loved them. This means a lot to us and to our artists who work hard to ensure these pieces come out beautiful. We know how meaningful they are to our customers and we always aim for the highest quality. The joy expressed in this review bring us joy-so thank you again and again!

More Beautiful Than the Pictures Can Show

I can't begin to describe the beauty of my piece! The colors are my husband's favorites and the way they swirl down into the piece give it a true depth! Just having it to stare at is giving me comfort during this difficult time! And when the sunlight hits it, it takes on a new, more beautiful sparkle! I can't thank the artist enough!

Thank you so much for this wonderful review! We are so happy to hear how much you love the beautiful orb created in loving memory of your husband. How special to have his favorite colors weaved throughout it. We love hearing how it sparkles in the sunlight! Our artists work hard on the colors and quality and always appreciate hearing how much comfort and joy these pieces bring to our customers. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us!

As always - beautiful

As always the globe is just beautiful. I have purchased some for my own pets when they have passed and looking at the beauty of the globe is comforting - so much more than looking at a box. The globes bring movement and light to the memory. I am a veterinarian and I have purchased a few globes for some of my very special clients - to say they were thrilled is an understatement. One of my client carries the touchstone wherever he goes. It brings him peace. Thank you for providing such beauty at an emotional and sad time.

Hi Valerie, thank you so much for this wonderful and poetic review. We are so glad to hear that you are happy with our products and have not only ordered for yourself, but for friends and clients as well-that is very special to us. We understand the depth of pain felt when someone looses a beloved pet and we truly hope these beautiful glass pieces bring people comfort and remind them of the beautiful memories shared together. We really love how you describe the globe as bringing 'movement and light to the memory.' We are touched by your thoughtful review and greatly appreciate you choosing to work with us.

I purchased it as a gift for a dear friend

The ornament was beautiful & I was so happy with it, but I will forward this email to my friend who lost her horse & who I gave the ornament to as a gift, so she can comment on it. She was blown away (no pun intended)!

Hi Tiffany, we are so glad that you are happy with the ornament you had made for your friend-what an incredibly special gift. We hope the beautiful ornament helps to bring her some comfort and remind her of her beloved horse for many years to come. Thank you so much for choosing to work with us.

Oval Resin Pendant Memorial Necklace | Cremation Jewelry | Oceanic
LaRue Wooten
amazing keepsake

I was very emotional when I recvd my necklaces in the mail.. they were absolutely beautiful ..the colors are bright and vivid and the overall appearance is stunning

Hi LaRue, we are so appreciative of your review. The necklaces are such a special way to keep your loved one close to your heart. Our artisans work hard on the colors to ensure our customers are satisfied with their memorial. Thank you again!


I ordered three sets of touch stones. They are so beautiful. I gave some to family and close friends. Each one is so different and everyone picked one that was special to them. This is something we will treasure. Company was so easy to work with. We live across the country and emailed questions, they answered and made sure I had what I needed.

Hi Melanie, we are so appreciative of this thoughtful review! It makes all of us at Celebration Ashes happy to know how much these touchstones mean to you and your family. We hope they will always be a source of comfort for you. So glad you found the process to be smooth and communicative as well. Thank you for choosing to work with us!

Received my second orb and I was as thrilled with the second one as I was the first. The second was a gift for my brother and the feedback from him was amazing. I had spent 6 months looking at memorial sites and I am so glad I went with Celebration Ashes. These orbs are a perfect memorial for my parents.

Thank you for your beautiful review, Catherine! We sincerely appreciate your words and are so happy that you and your brother are satisfied with both your orbs! It is wonderful to hear that your long search brought you to us! We are so glad you find the orbs so meaningful.Thank you again for trusting us with your loved ones!

Precious memories

These touchstones are perfect, so beautifully made. The colors are exactly as I had imagined. I will treasure them always. Thank you for offering them.

Dear Karen, thank you so much for your kind words! We are so thrilled that you are happy with your memorial. Your review is greatly appreciated and we hope you will always find comfort in the touchstones!

Stunningly beautiful piece

Thank you for taking such beautiful care of my uncle mike. This was a piece for my grandparents, they are 88 years old and lost their youngest son, mike, suddenly in February. Our family misses him every day but we will always carry him in our heats and now in this absolutely breathtaking piece of art.

Dear Michelle, thank you for your heartfelt review and sharing the painful loss of your beloved uncle. We certainly hope this beautiful votive brings some measure of comfort to your grandparents. Our artists work hard to ensure each piece is a magnificent reminder of our customer's loved ones. We appreciate you acknowledging how thoughtful our artists and staff are in making sure our memorials are handled with great care and respect. Thank you again for reaching out.