Little Things Glass Pet Memorials

Whether they bark or purr, fly or swim, crawl or gallop, pets are family.

We are excited to bring together Celebration Ashes with our sister company, Little Things Glass, to make finding the perfect memorial for your cherished pet even easier.

Our hand blown glass pet memorials are infused with your precious pet’s cremation ashes. Each pet ashes keepsake is finished with stunning iridescence to capture the spirit and love of your pet. By infusing your pet ashes into glass you’ll be able to create a pet memorial to share for generations to come.

We understand the special place in our hearts that our pets hold and the feelings of loss when they’re gone. Our beautiful glass memorials are created to celebrate and remember the unique and unconditional love they have brought to our lives.

Browse our extensive collection of American handmade artisan glass memorials. They're perfect for remembering your best friend.