My children lost 2 grandparents in such a short time and I happened to come across your fb page and immediately knew this is what I had to do, and this would be a perfect way to memorialize their lives and love, especially for my boys. Now, they have something so incredibly beautiful to look at and even talk to when they want to feel close to them. I can not thank you enough for creating these, the process was made as easy as possible and timely.

-Lauren Bloom 


My cat Jack was 15 when I lost him to cancer. I was there when he was born and i was there until his last moments.... A part of me is gone but I'm glad I have a piece of him to hold.

-S.J. Jebbia 

My beautiful globe arrived today and it is perfect. Thank you for your customer service, sensitivity and for the lovely memorial to my husband James.

-Jennifer Weiss 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart ♡! I received my Mother today, I cannot express how much this means to me, and in the honor of my Mom, and my best friend. It made my day a lot better...I miss her so much, and you've really honored her, and have a special place in my heart always. I love how you created this beautiful work with her on the third month of her passing anniversary. Again, I can't express how much this means to me, and always will.

-Kourtnee Orestes  


We didn't make it to the beach (my happy place) with Shasta when she was here with us. So thankful for her heart. We felt her there with us.

-Heather Chapman 

I received my celebration ashes today. They are both so absolutely beautifully created, I was in tears. Such a special way to remember my mom, my world. Thank you so much

-Stacie Schlessman


 January 5 this year my best friend Denae passed away. I felt so empty without her. For 20 years I could pick up the phone and call, I could drive to see her and then she was gone. I had a globe made with her ashes and wow, it was so amazing to see something show her beautiful soul. Thank you so much for this amazing globe. Seeing it's beauty everyday helps in this grieving process. To capture the beauty is a real talent. I am so grateful for you all.

-Nikki Rico  


 Mercy's heart is even more beautiful than we imagined. We all love being able to carry her around and hold her little glass heart on harder days. My daughters and I have made it a habit to take Mercy to the park with us, and the other night I found my 9 year old asleep holding her sisters heart.

-Alisha Arreguin 

I wanted to thank you for this beautiful memorial to my husband, Arthur. He was a collector of paperweights. When I saw your site, I knew this was the perfect way to honor his memory. I Love it.

-Donna Godfrey 


 I received Lilly's memorials today and cannot express how wonderful your company is! Not only was your staff--particularly Emily and Danielle--very courteous and kind, but extraordinarily prompt in responding to my questions and correspondences. Imagine my surprise when I opened the package and there was an extra globe! According to the enclosed letter, there was a small flaw on one of the globes, so you made a duplicate. I could barely detect the minute indent on the bottom, but it is a testament to your dedication and ethics! Wow! you went above and beyond customer service to create these beautiful works of art as a lasting memorial to our sweet Lilly! I cannot thank you enough!

-Cindy Smallwood


 My globe arrived today! Thank you so much for this beautiful memorial of my greyhound, Jenny. It is everything I hoped for and more. The color is gorgeous and the metallic bits sparkle brilliantly. I couldn’t be happier.

-Diana Cook  

Now I can hold my mamma in my hands whenever I want. Thank you so much!

-Andrea Clay 


 I picked up my package and I'm writing this with tears. Pictures and words truly cannot express how beautiful my globe is. Losing my first dog was extremely hard and I took the Northern Light series since I always told him "I loved him to the moon and back." From start to finish your company has been nothing short of amazing. Really I thank you and your customer support, I'm glad I chose your company and recommend anyone to do the same.

-Nicole Stundzia  


 We absolutely love the amber glow globe memorial for our son RJ. He will now be able to attend his sister's wedding next year

-Lola Fryman 

We received our heart today. We can't thank you enough. It's beautiful. Thank you Danielle for the lovely note. It took us a while to read it through the tears. I love being able to hold her.

-Heather Steiner


  I received my memorials today. I cannot say enough positive things about this company. Danielle is amazing to work with. She responded immediately to my initial inquiry and I received the collection kits two days later. She let me know when she received the tins, and kept me updated throughout the entire process. She even made sure I knew exactly when my memorials where being made, in case I wanted to view the process. The memorials are beautiful and the pictures absolutely cannot capture how incredibly gorgeous they are in person.

-Lori Curttright


 I'm so impressed with my beautiful creation. My husband had beautiful blue eyes and this he would be so proud of. I cried when I saw it for the first time. Your professionalism and kindness will not be forgotten.

-Valarie Hunt 

I want to thank Celebration Ashes for the beautiful memorial they did for my brother Darryl R Woods. The process was seamless and the staff were amazing. It was very emotional signing for the package knowing that a beautiful memory was inside.

-Lara Woods 


 In loving memory of angel baby Avlynn Siobhan Parker! So beautiful!! thank you celebration ashes for creating something so beautiful for mourning mom's as myself. Definitely helps in the healing stages being able to have something so beautiful to hold in your hand that represents your child.

-Chelly Chell

I just got my mom's heart back today. It is stunning. I had no idea it would be so beautiful and so emotional. This picture does not do it justice . She loved red and she called her children her heart, so it was a perfect tribute to her life !! I can't thank you enough.

-Sandy Berger 


 I just received my youngest sister's artistic heart from y'all. Made me weep with joy. This is something she would have cherished...she loved pretty things. There are no words to thank you all for how you handled everything from the beginning to the end. You made the process so easy & reassuring. I feel this honors Jill in such a sweet & beautiful way...that comforts & delights me. I could not be happier with the results. God bless you all for your gift to those hurting.

-Suzanne McFarland 


 The heart is the perfect memorial for my dad, he is my heart and the colors are my favorite colors. The way the light hits it catches your eye no matter where you are. Love everything about it. Thank you for the greatest way to have him near me.

-Dawnnita Wright 

I have sat here all afternoon looking at this amazing art work that my mom is a part of and have felt peace that I haven't felt in the 4 yrs since her passing. I'm so grateful that Celebration Ashes has given me not only some peace but a forever treasure of my mom..

-Stephanie Dodge


 I had been given this link several times by many friends and decided at the very moment I saw the beautiful creation I would be for sure doing it. When the time came and my dear love passed I got in touch with the company on Facebook asking questions which were quickly answered. I went to the web page and it was very easy to navigate. I placed my order, and the company was quick to send out the proper instructions and made it easy to understand and how to go about it. Less than two weeks later, my sweet friend and love was returned in a beautiful bundle of universe, Something I can talk to, enjoy and touch every day. The craftsmanship is fantastic. I would for sure recommend this company to others. They would not be disappointed.



 I absolutely love it! It took me 6 years to finally decide on what to do with my Mother's ashes and I'm so glad I picked this. She would be amazed at even after death her beauty carries on! Thank you so much it could not have been a better experience! I will cherish it forever!

-Samantha Wiggs

This is the beautiful heart you made with my son's ashes. The day you made it was his birthday. He would have been 25. The day it arrived at my door was the first anniversary of his death. I can't tell you what a special gift it was for me that day. It brought such comfort. It is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! THANK YOU!! <3

-Lana Pendergast 


 I would just like to take a minute to thank everyone at Celebration Ashes for making such horrible situation a little easier. The sculpture you created from my pets remains is absolutely breathtaking . It reminds me of all the great times we shared together. The overall quality, the brilliance of the color swirls, and the clarity of the ashes are astounding. The overall piece is amazing. I also would love to thank all involved in our order from those who processed the order to the master artist who created it. All of you are truly amazing, I would highly recommend Celebration Ashes to anyone . They help keep a part of our loved ones with us all the time.

-Keith Mateyka 


 I received the globe today containing some of the ashes of a dear, 19 yr old friend who passed away in December. It is absolutely beautiful. I'd like to say a special thank you to Danielle from Celebration Ashes for answering all my emails and questions. If anyone is considering one of these memorials, don't hesitate, you will love them.

-Steve Reeder 

Thank you so much for your beautiful creations! My dad was a huge fan of the Detroit Red Wings and a season ticket holder for many years at Joe Louis Arena which is closing soon. With only a few games left at the Joe I was able to take him one last time.

-Andrea Jean 


  I want to thank Celebration Ashes for the wonderful heart of my husband they created! What they do, giving us this special treasure, and being so professional, yet personal and understanding. They really helped ease my mind and got him home very fast… This shows my husband’s spirit so well and the openness and his eyes. (I really believe he would be happy with this.) Believe me this is not something I would have ever considered. But I talked to a couple others whom had it done. And read many reviews. Thought about it a few months. And I am so glad I did. Now he isn't enclosed in the dark, hidden away! It somehow has brought me peace, and some comfort. He is beside my bed. I can see him anytime, and talk. (Yes) I talk! But I have actually slept the first time in months! Thank you!!

-Nancy Teter


 I received my sister's heart from Glass Eye Studio this week and I couldn't be happier with the results. Having lost another sister, whose remains are in an urn; this blown glass heart provides me an opportunity to see my sister's beauty radiate again and allows me to have a tangible item I can physically pick up and hold.

-Lori Farr

On January 1, 2016 I lost my husband of 22 years. He was my best friend and soulmate. I ordered the Heaven - Bound is beautiful! I never imagined it would arrive so quickly...two days before his birthday. We are holding a celebration and this makes everything perfect. This was exactly what I needed to give some peace to my heart. Thank you so much.

-Karen Pearson


 Thank you so much for the care and crafting of our paperweight. My mother-in-law was a nurse by profession but an artist at heart. The colors reflect her artistic soul. My husband now has a daily reminder of how close she still is. God bless the work you do.

-Sherry Williams

There are not enough words to let you know how I feel. When Dad (Albert) came home in the Heaven Bound globe I felt the love and peace I so longed for. Your work is one gift of love. Thank you for the way you care for our loved ones. Sharing with me every step of the way until Dad was back home. I shall forever be grateful.

-Feye Bartholomay  


 I just received my orb you made me of my beloved pet Sweetpea. I want to thank you and all those there at Celebration Ashes who took such care of my pet and helped me through this whole process with such compassion and understanding. My Sweetpea is now back home with us in this beautiful work of art that will forever remind us of our cherished pet.

-Ramona Robinson

Believe me when I say these are gorgeous and very well made!! I had issues with my Gram’s ashes being away from me and I am so sorry for bugging your creation team. They are so polite and understanding!! My gram’s made it home safe today. I can't thank you all enough for what you did for me. My Gram’s heart is always next to me now!

-Briana S. Hunt


 Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful memorial for my Mom's ashes! You were so understanding and kind through the process and being able to track each step of the delivery meant a lot to me! I was counting the moments to its arrival! Then seeing it brought tears to my eyes! I also like that I can hold it in my hand whenever I want....feeling closer to my Mom's spirit! Thank you again!

-Deborah Aragon

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you did.  I received an extra heart from you due to a tiny flaw in one of them (one that I didn't even notice) me that speaks volumes to the integrity of what you do, and that cannot be measured.  We lost a loved one at a young age due to a terminal illness only 6 weeks after diagnosis, and the gift you have given us is priceless.

-Penny Ketchum 


 My husband and I received our globes yesterday....we BOTH were absolutely speechless! They are the most beautiful thing we've ever seen! We both cannot thank you enough! I kept mine lit up last night and I had the best night’s sleep since our Son passed in November of 2014....a simple "thank you" will never be enough....

-Linda Fenstermaker

Thank you. Thank you for making my sister, Talena Thacker, into a timeless piece of art. Choosing a creation was so difficult because of the many color choices but we eventually chose the multi green/blue/purple/gold. And what a choice it was! Once upon it's lighted base, the colors radiate across the walls and I feel my sister in the room with me. There are so many words that I could use to describe the deeply rooted feelings of gratitude that I owe you because "Thank You" seems so little in comparison. But Thank You, thank you, thank you.

-Terra Thacker Sacra



Testimonials are taken from reviews on our website, emails sent by clients, and posts on our Facebook page. You can visit the page to see more testimonials, or contact us if you would like to leave your own review.