Who actually makes the products?

  • Celebration Ashes ™ Memorials are handmade by the artists of Glass Eye Studio in our private hot shop in Seattle, WA. Glass Eye is the premier art glass production shop in the United States. We have been making art glass for nearly 40 years. For more information about Glass Eye Studio, go to www.glasseye.com.


What are your prices? 

  • The price for each memorial varies depending on which design you choose. Please click on the category (such as hearts or globes) that you are interested in to see more details and pricing for that category. 


How much cremated remains are needed for each memorial piece?

  • We request one tablespoon for each infused memorial ordered (excludes self-fill Suncatcher Urns). This is usually more than enough. All remaining ash will be returned with the order.


Collecting ashes can be emotionally difficult. What if I’m uncomfortable removing a tablespoon of my loved one’s ashes?

  • A friend, family member, or your funeral home may be willing to do this for you. Most urns unscrew and most boxes have a screw(s) on the bottom. The screws are sometimes under felt circles. If you live near Seattle, you can make an appointment to bring the urn or box to our office. We are happy to help you with the process.


How will I send my loved one's ashes to you?

  • When you order an infused memorial (excluding self-fill Suncatcher Urns), a complete collection packet will be sent to you. For US orders the packet includes a USPS shipping package approved for ashes, detailed instructions, necessary forms, and a screw-top tin with a collection bag inside. It costs $24.45 to ship this to us, paid directly to your local post office. For international orders, the packet includes all of this except for the USPS shipping package - you can use any trackable parcel service to return your loved one's ashes, so prices may vary. 


Do you have a catalog?

  • Yes, we have a catalog which is sent out with our collection packet. If you would like to request the catalog without the rest of the kit, simply contact us and we will send one to you. 


How do I know if my ashes made it safely to the studio?

  • USPS Priority Mail packages will require our signature when they arrive. We will also contact you (normally via email) to let you know it has arrived at our studio.


How often does the Postal Service lose ashes?

  • We have produced over 12,000 memorials over the last four years. Not one shipment has been lost. So we expect losses to be very rare.


What are your production procedures to guarantee the ashes I send are in the memorial I receive?

  • Collection tins are carefully monitored when they arrive in our shop. Once here, they do not leave the building. During production, each piece is stamped or engraved with an ID number or letter corresponding to your loved one's ashes for perfect identification. We have produced over 12,000 memorials over the past five years with a perfect tracking record.


Can you create memorials from pet ashes?

  • Yes, all of our memorials can be created with pet ashes. There will be a space when you order to specify whether your memorial is for a person or a pet.


Can I order a memorial in advance for my loved ones to have when I die?

  • We do not have a process in place for advance orders, but we are happy to send a collection kit which you can keep in a safe place for your loved ones to use to place their order when the time comes. You will need to keep in mind, however, that if the order is placed far in the future, some of our product options and prices may have changed, so the website www.celebrationashes.com will always be the most up-to-date source of information, rather than the catalog included in the packet, which may eventually be updated. For this reason, you may want to include our website and company information in a will or other document instead. If you would like to pay for the piece to be created after your death, we recommend a savings account marked for this purpose. (You can also purchase a Celebration Ashes gift certificate, but these will expire after two years.)


How do I see the ashes in the infused art glass?

  • The ashes appear as a white/grey ribbon in the piece.


Can I watch my memorial being created? 

  • Yes! For all infused memorials (excluding self-fill Suncatcher Urns), we host memorial creation viewings every Friday at our studio. Find more information here


Can I get an inscription on my memorial?

  • Yes. We can engrave up to eight characters for free on the back (hearts) or bottom (globes) of all full-sized infused memorials. (Excludes Suncatcher Urns and Touchstones.)


Can I request that my memorial be made in colors other than the ones listed on your site?

  • We will always make an effort to accommodate custom color combinations in our infused memorials (excluding Suncatcher Urns). We recommend choosing no more than three colors for any one piece. Please contact us with questions about available colors and creating a custom color combination.


Can I request that my memorial be made in a special shape, instead of one of your existing designs?

  • While custom colors are normally easy for us to accommodate, custom shapes often require special tools and processes that make them much more difficult. While it's unlikely we will be able to make a custom shape for you, we are always working on ideas for new designs we might make in the future, so please feel free to contact us with your suggestions. 


Can I combine ashes from two or more individuals into a single infused memorial?

  • Yes, we often create single memorials from a mixture of two different individual's ashes. Keep in mind that we only use less than a tablespoon of ash, so combining ash means there will be a little less of each one inside the piece.


Do you offer discounts for ordering multiple memorials?

  • We offer a $10 discount on each memorial ordered when you order two or more. 


How is the memorial shipped back to me, and how much does shipping cost?

  • We ship infused memorials by USPS two-day Priority Express mail - signature required. Shipping costs a flat fee of $9.95 per memorial and $1.00 per accessory within the US. International shipping is based on weight, and can vary. 


When should I expect to have my infused memorial back after I send you the ashes?

  • Orders are generally delivered to the customer within two to three weeks after we have received the ashes.


How do I pay for my memorial?

  • We accept credit cards or paypal through our website, or checks mailed in with the collection packet. If you pay via paypal, your payment will be collected within three days of placing your order. If you pay via credit card, information is gathered when you order online, but your card is not charged until we receive the collection kit back from you. 


We realize this is a sensitive decision to allow us to make a memorial glass art piece for you. Please contact us with any questions you may have at celebrationashes@glasseye.com.